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Mayans, Shamanism and the Blessing of Gratitude for My Son

My son is a Mayan Shaman.

It is curious the word “Maya” also means “illusion.” The Mayans were masters of the calendar, and some scientists now consider time itself is really an illusion. My son reminds me of this almost daily… He tells me the past does not exist, the future does not exist, except in our minds. The only thing we have is “Now”. To me shamanism is a philosophy of how we understand our environment and how we move within it.

We are also conscious that our soul, mind and body are connected, which more and more people are beginning to understand. My son continuously reminds me that Mayan Shamanism does not forget the human body and the role of the spiritual world. It also encourages the progress and development of knowledge. (As Steiner would say – a lifelong love of learning).

As we (my children and I) continue on our journey to study Quantum Physics, the Laws of Attraction, Parallel Universes and that “Thought Creates Reality” – I see now in retrospect how much value was placed into his spiritual life that I allowed him to pursue this “interest”. Other boys were all about Spiderman and video games, and he chose this… Reiki and Shamanism. “Why?” I remember asking… “Because people today hurt and are upside down, and I want to help” was his answer.

Well, that was several years ago, and he wrote a book about his experience… Today he is an avid skateboarder who will spend hours and hours discussing the teachings that the Masters of “The Secret” would be impressed with, usually to his 14-17 year old friends who sit mesmerized. He influences them to be kinder, more patient with people, more compassionate. I’ve heard him telling them that “trying to be ‘cool’ just makes you be a “fool”. The fact is, he has all of this info and it makes him cool… But maybe that’s just because I am his mom (smile).

I continuously see him not only survive the obstacles, but grow and Thrive! I see him spread love, peace and joy. I see him take kids that look troubled and shower them with so much attention, compliments and positivity, that they actually blossom in front of my eyes. I see him remain positive and upbeat despite hardships we’ve been through. I continue to see him remain centered and strong, even as the world around him appears to be falling apart. Most of all, I see him support me as a “friend” and fellow traveler on this journey of life and his sisters. He is dedicated to who he is in his physical form, and yet I see him working and mastering his spirituality – literally shining – as he navigates the journey of this life.

When I speak to him about current events and issues, his attitude is always very harmonic. He is in perfect alignment with what “is” right “now”. He is keenly aware of the different levels of consciousness, and what it means to be grateful. He is genuinely thankful for everything – good and bad. I’ll see someone get snippy or angry around him, and he is so calm, and diffuses it in a second. I’ve seen kids be somewhat mean or sarcastic, and he smiled and it literally flows off him. Later if I ask if that hurt his feelings, or what he thougt – he answers that he prayed for the person, forgave them, did not judge…

I do not know anyone, child or adult, especially teenager – that I respect as much as my son and his passion for life, “now”. A couple of years ago he had a terrible injury. He almost died… and yet weeks later he was back to his dream, his passion, his life’s “work” (which he calls play, and I am so proud of that!) My mother was livid that I allowed him to skate, to be outside – to “act normal” after he almost died. I answered that he only needed to go to the spiritual realm to gain more knowledge for this journey. Later, he told me the same. He spoke of young men going through passages in tribal and ancient culture – and that because our society/culture does not have that – the accident was actually a gift and a blessing.

I am in awe and continuously inspired by my son. Do you feel this way about your child? I mean in AWE of how terrific they are – just by being WHO they are? It is an incredible gift… and my hope with sharing my stories and experiences, my techniques and methods, my ideas and just what I have done may somehow assist you on your journey. That is why I am here… I hope to awaken you, and to teacxh you (by example) that your children are in your life to assist in your awakening as well.

We are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.

We’ve made his book available again. He wrote it when he was 10 years old. Just click below to purchase this book if you are interested in Mayans, Shamanism or just to peek into the world of a pretty incredible 10 year old’s mind…

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