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Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools

Kytka Recommends: Drawing and Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools
July 1, 2002

For advanced users and people interested in curriculum for older children, and people who are looking for information on the Waldorf method of painting, we HIGHLY recommend Drawing & Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools

This is an available book, however I believe it is about $35.00. Let me tell you – this will be the BEST $35.00 YOU WILL EVER SPEND on homeschooling books!

This comprehensive account of painting and drawing in the Steiner curriculum combines detailed practical advice with clearly defined philosophy on aesthetic education. It takes readers carefully through each stage of Steiner art teaching, suggesting appropriate exercises, and explains the reasons for the different developments in the curriculum at appropriate stages of pupils’ development. This book is not only a reference source for all who are involved in teaching in Steiner schools, but should inspire all who are concerned with children’s creative development and fulfilment.

I highly recommend this book.

What follows is the books Table of Contents so you get an idea of what is featured….

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • How this book arose
  • Water Colour as a painting medium

Part One

  • The Basic principles of painting from the first to the eighth class
  • How the teacher prepares
  • The first three years
  • Painting and drawing in the Kindergarten
  • Painting lessons from classes 3 to 5
  • Black and white drawing from classes 6 to 8
  • Painting lessons from classes 6 to 8

Part Two

  • Lessons in making things that are both practical and artistic in classes nine to twelve
  • Applying artistic techniques in specialized subjects
  • The various artistic craft activities in Class 9
  • A Study of Art (Aesthetics and the History of Art)
  • Black and white drawing in Class 9 on the basis of Durer’s Art
  • of Black and White
  • Black and white drawing in Class 11
  • Painting in Class 10
  • Painting in Class 11
  • Painting in Class 12
  • Review and Questions

Part Three

  • Rudolf Steiner’s recommendations regarding a new kind of Art Education
  • A Basis for Artistic Creation out of
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Approach to Colour
  • Samples of Rudolf Steiner’s Paintings
  • Goetheanum and Bauhaus
  • Art as a general Educator
  • Notes
  • Bibliography

Collect your copy today:  Drawing & Painting in Rudolf Steiner Schools

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