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Learning vs. School

The true objective of education is to inspire and it’s to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.  Home and Unschooled children are entrusted to find their own learning become creators, leaders and the game changers of society. Why? Because they can think “out of the box”. Today, the greatest value is placed on “out of the box” thinkers.

Home and unschooled children do this because they feel valuable, innovative, creative and have something intrinsic and of value to contribute –  something that is not learned but rather formed from their own will, so it is uniquely their own.

Schooling, on the other hand, is the imposition of intellectual content and facts upon the child – filling them with OUR outside info, entering all of our data. Children are not data banks….

Learning is ongoing, spontaneous and relevant to the surrounding, the situation,  one is in at the current time. Learning should be an exciting and engaging voyage of discovery of the world, and of one self. So the primary difference I see – is that un or homeschooling is an invitation to awaken and ennoble capabilities that exist within the child. The difference between this and what we know as traditional schooling is profound.

Learning is not something we need to go somewhere to get… Learning is happening all of the time. ~ Kytka

In one  way we see that child as this container that is assumed to be empty – where the objective is to fill it. The other way is where see the child as a container that is assumed to be full – where the objective is to draw from deep within.

That difference is significant and we need to understand how we view our child,  because education and parenting decisions will be made on this view. Much like the optimist sees the glass as half full and the pessimist sees it as half empty – take a moment to really ask yourself and think about how you see your child.

Does your child need to be filled, or is your child already full and we just need to draw and pull forth from the child?

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. ~ Albert Einstein

This may seem a simple exercise, but if you really go deep into this belief – you will see that many of your parenting decisions you are making come down to this core belief about your child.

Now my belief, being an optimist is that the child comes to us perfect and complete. In truth, we really do not know the true essence of wisdom and where that forms. One’s soul has so much to do with it and yet in society in general the more popular view is that we tend treat children like they are empty containers to be filled in rather than step aside and allowing their inherent wisdom to pour forth. Yes, there are cultures and religions that have a different view – but they do not make up the mainstream majority.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. ~ Galileo

It is already there. It is a part of the package. The child is already full and complete. And we have continued to ignore this, thinking that we can somehow improve what is already a perfect system.

I recently did an interview on a telesummit entitled “What The Experts Know” and if you are interested in a replay of that, simply click on the link.  Additionally, I did a 2+ hour webinar on the subject as well where I went even more in depth.

This powerful webinar shares so many reasons why you should re-think what lies behind the school or homeschool decision and truly come to understand HOW CHILDREN (how all humans) LEARN.  To learn more about the webinar, please click the banner below.

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