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Many Voices, One Vision

Kytka Jezek, or “Kit”, as her friends affectionately call her, is dedicated to assisting you harness your full potential.  Kit applies her expertise & credentials as a Dr. of Naturopathy, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, Childbirth Educator, Waldorf Homeschooling Guru, Author and Personal Development Coach/Speaker. She is an inspirational powerhouse; a mover and shaker who continuously challenges the status quo and walks her talk in all areas of her life. Her personal passion is to set an example of a “lifelong love of learning” which she continuously demonstrates by the (over) 10,000 books she has read and the (over $100,000) in seminars she has attended.

Truly a radical pioneer in parenting and a mover and shaker in life, Kytka is also known as the founder of Waldorf Homeschoolers. Her first book, Reiki for Children was published in 2003. She has received accolades from Reiki Healers from all over the globe for finally presenting the concept of Reiki to Children. She is also recognized in the Alternative Educational Community as a speaker on children’s rights in terms of education.

Through Kit’s positive philosophy and outspoken views on parenting techniques, hundreds have learned how to create more of what they want in their family lives. Kit also brings inspiration to bring wellness into their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Kytka has written for various parenting and wellness magazines and her articles and strong opinions have appeared online. She has received awards for her contributions and thousands of letters of support for her strength, speaking and initiatives. The Education Revolution named her into their Hall of Fame.

Kytka is acutely aware that today, things are not taught, they are just.. well.. conveyed.

Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Belief, Someone to Model, to Allow, and to offer Permission to let go of Old Paradigm thinking and freely transition and shift nto New Paradigm possibilities.

Life is a journey for ALL of us, parents and children, friends and lovers, communities and networks, and we are together – on this journey for karmic reasons; tossed together to grow together. So if it is coming from Kytka, then expect to see a varied mix of just about everything, because that is what life is, no? A wonderful, incredible, awesome, thrilling journey where the only constant is change and the only purpose is GROWTH & LOVE!

At the threshold of having 25+ years of experience and travel, of profound personal transformation and spiritual journey – her greatest strength is in stepping up onto the podium and speaking of her purpose and the importance of her message. Kytka inspires people to look within for their own strengths and to bring balance into their own lives.

Kit continuously strives to lead people to new realms of thinking about health, wealth, relationships, a peaceful world and living abundantly and with all of the wonderful power that lies within their most glorious authentic selves. She conveys this with intelligence, humor, facts, personal sharing and baring and a sense of humor and wit. Her goal and passion is to attract the right partners to assist her with putting out into the world all she has gathered from the garden of her own life. She is a serious multi- tasker who sleeps only 4 hours a night and tells you she runs on the high octane of LIFE!

She is the proud mother of 3 beautiful home-birthed, wise, remarkable, empathetic and spiritual children. She attributes a large part of her dynamic ability as an author, speaker and coach and her mastery in her own life, to her experience as a parent who chose to parent from the heart and be an individual versus a part of any group, which we as social beings often prefer.

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