You found it. The best kept secret in Waldorf inspired home schooling circles. OUR SITE! Do you know that since we began, our hits have gone from 300 a day to a remarkable average of 2000+ per day. That is roughly 60,000 a month. Think about it. 60,000 visitors each month looking for information on a more natural childhood for their children. That in itself is so inspiring to us and what keeps us going. You can be a part of our site by placing your banner onto site.

People from all over the world who type Waldorf inspired, Waldorf Homeschoolers or Waldorf resources into their search engines usually get forwarded here first. That means if you make felt people, dolls, costumes, art, fairy items, beeswax people… anything which is natural, wholesome and supports a child’s growing imagination, then this is the place for you.

We are the first and foremost source for Waldorf resources on the Internet today…

Way back when — before Hedgehog Farms on-line and discussion lists, before The Waldorf Community Exchange Journal and the Waldorf Exchange, we were located at Chickpages and heavily promoted getting the information, curriculum resources and inspiration to Waldorf families all over the globe… and working together with other pioneers we started the growth of a website that now has over 450 internal pages as well as hundreds of links to off-site resources.

Sharing ALL AVAILABLE RESOURCES is our focus and dedication. And in the spirit of growing community and serving families worldwide we offer our visitors the complete and the very BEST selection for Waldorf Resources….

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Key Benefits

  • Target Very Specific Marketplace and Buyers
  • Part of a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) Organizations
  • Connections with Like Minded individuals


Remember, we are a small group (in comparison to the Barbie shoppers of the world) but we are usually fiercely dedicated to our beliefs and hold fast to our convictions. Be a part of a group dedicated to a better way…

  • A Good Place to Begin You don’t need much to place a banner. A banner is used to draw attention to your products or services. You don’t even need to be on the web. We can create a custom banner for you in 24 hours and by the weekend you could be answering orders!
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  • Natural Products Most of our visitors click through to the Natural Parenting Pages first, then they begin to browse and shop.
  • Home schooling Supplies Specific items such as main lesson books and beeswax crayons.
  • Books Hard to find and Waldorf specific titles.

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