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If you are looking for support and information on home and/or un-schooling based on a Waldorf Inspired Curriculum, you have come to the right place! Please, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy our site! As parents, you can provide nothing of more lasting value than an education which develops your child’s full human potential. Waldorf ideals for education emphasize and awaken disciplined creativity, wonder, reverence and respect for nature and human existence. Waldorf methods have proven to offer a holistic educational model designed to provide the right stimulus at the right time and allow each child’s abilities to fully unfold.

In the first seven years of life, the child seeks to see that the world is a place of goodness, and will learn primarily by imitation and through activity. In the next developmental phase (through puberty) the child most naturally learns through beauty, from adults who merit being authorities. (This is why storytelling and art are employed as teaching vehicles throughout the elementary curriculum.) Finally, entering into the third developmental stage, and ready at last for true independent thinking: the teenager naturally begins a quest for truth.

To navigate this site, please use the SEARCH BOX to the right to find the subject matter you are seeking. Because we have over 600 pages (and growing each day) a navigation system isn’t possible and this way we focus on updating content and not the navigation of the site!

It is our hope that this site will become your favorite resource for your Waldorf home schooling and parenting. This site is updated regularly so bookmark it now and remember to check back again real soon for updates and new inspirations.

Blessings, Peace, Love & Light
Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, Ph.D.

PS – The video you just watched (above) is different than the video to the right under the heading: “Mission & Purpose”. These videos are my gift to you. They are all throughout the site, and are all meant to inspire you and get you into the correct mindset for your parenting journey! 😉

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