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Parenting Roles

In our own life experience, we have discovered this to be the ultimate truth. Life is not meant to be difficult, wrought with illness and pain, sorrow and suffering. Life is meant to be fruitful and joyous, in a word, heaven.  The universe provides such a full abundance for all, all we need do is tap into this powerful stream of love and light energy.

The choices we make each and every day dictate whether we will live a happy, abundant life or a difficult, painful life. We have all been granted the gift of being and it is our choice to decide WHO it is we want to be.

Dennis Alexander, Mayan Shaman and Reiki Master tells us:

All that we are
All that we want to achieve
All that we can do
Is THOUGHT manifested.

Once you fully dedicate yourself to that thought and belief system, you will have the answer to every question, you will have the keys to abundant health and wealth and you will be in the correct mindset to parent a child in this world.

In today’s society, parenting is taken for granted and not given the proper attention it deserves. People will take better care of their cars than they will of their children. Children have become a burden instead of an asset to the family structure. In his lecture entitled “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules the World”, Gurudeva Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami says:

“I speak often of the change humanity is going through in moving out of the agricultural era and into the technological age. During the tens of thousands of years of the agricultural age, families lived and labored mostly on farms or in craft guilds. The entire family worked on the farm. The men all worked in the fields; the women and children worked in the home. Children were a great asset. More children meant more help, a bigger farm. There were many chores that a young boy or girl could do. When harvest time came, everyone joined in. It was a one team, and everyone contributed. When the crop was sold, that was the income for a combined effort from all members – men, women and even children. In a very real sense, everyone was earning the money, everyone was economically important.

In the technological era, only the man of the house earns the family income. Everyone else spends it. The husband goes to work in a factory or large company office while his wife and children stay at home. There is not much they can do to help him during the day with his work. His work and his wife’s are not as closely related as in the old days. He is the provider, the producer now; she and the children are consumers. Because the children cannot help much, they have become more of an economic liability than an asset.”

This is a phenomenal observation, which rings so true and is evidenced by the marketing tactics of the corporate media. We have brought about a world in which children are viewed as consumers.

We used to value our children more than anything in our lives. Our children were a direct extension of who we were, and a continuum of our individuality and presence on this earth. We took pride in parenting and in who our children would become.

What has happened to us as parents? Where are we when the TV is raising our children? Why, as a society, aren’t we available to our children? What messages and influences are forming the adults of tomorrow? Why have we placed this “job of parenting” into the hands of strangers?

We believe the answers are so simple and that all you need to regain the necessary balance is to practice some simpler living and common sense.

Note: This is a preface to the Upcoming Book: Simple Sense Parenting by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

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