Misc Dolls & Toys — 19 March 2012
Which Toys Are Best

Some ideas off the top of my head …

A play tent that has been designed to fit over the dining table so the children can play underneath, with flaps for windows and doors.

Playstands – the perfect idea. If you would find the usual curving type ones too difficult, could you build or buy second hand a couple of shelving units, and connect them with wooden arches or some other idea, maybe also put door-flaps at one end – a bit of nailing and hot-gluing but not too much major building this way.

Dress-up clothes – one year for Christmas I made my children a whole lot of fairy dress-ups using some very basic ideas. For example, I sewed sparkly chiffon onto an old pink tank top and added ribbons, I made basic aprons (a flap of material sewn onto a waistband) and they became cloaks and aprons and flags and all kinds of things.

Outdoor play area – by using big chunks of wood for seats and a table, and then some coloured paving stones in a circle, maybe a tiny feature like a water-fountain or something, or a stick pyramid decorated with shiny beads and flowers as a fairy hut, plus some old tires filled with sand and a wooden swing.

Unpainted wooden window box – trough and some paints and seeds so they could decorate it themselves then plant seeds.

Crafting Box – I filled a beautiful box with things she could use in crafting : feathers, beads, cardboard squares, etc. I got everything from a discount store and it cost about $20 for all the contents. She loved it!

Complete Room Transformation – I don’t know how your children feel about opening gifts, but perhaps something you could do is gather everything together and then, on Christmas, their Birthday (or whatever occasion you choose) create a brand new amazing playroom for them, and when they awaken in the morning – look what the fairies have done! They’ve transformed the dining room! An older sibling could help you set it up and be a part of the *magic*.

Then they could spend the morning discovering everything. That way, you could do a lot of little things, like hand-made paper dolls (with fabric clothes they can cut out into clothes and glue on) and baskets of painted stones, and knitted animals, and second-hand books, and little gifts wrapped up and labelled for individual children just tucked away in places.

These are just come basic ideas to start a discussion… What are YOUR choices for BEST TOYS?  Please share your comments….

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  1. Thank you for such very beautiful ideas. My child is a boy, 3 years old. His favourite toys are cars and little trains, for his birthday I am painting on a folding yet durable cloth a street… it will have the features of our lives like grandma´s house, the park we always go to, the market, and the firefighter station.
    I also remember one of the games I really loved my mother used to put toghether for us: treasure hunts. It was usually in the summer, she would hide clues all over the house and garden. Almost always it lead to individual buckets of ice cream my dad made.

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