Halloween Painting Story

Enjoy the story and the numerous reference links I have included in the end…

I’ve done this with my daughters for the last two years.

Although it’s recommended for Grade 1 or 2, my four year old managed with just a little help:-)

The first time, they were so surprised to see the pumpkin appear in their painting! We hung the paintings on our front door for Halloween and had so many nice comments…

Begin by painting a large golden yellow ball- this will be your pumpkin, but don’t tell them you’re painting a pumpkin.

Next, surround with


ultramarine blue, but be careful not to let colors touch…

Gold shines from the paper like a great ball.

Vermillion says, “How about if I warm you up a little?”

Ultramarine presses in from all sides, but the glowing orange will not let him touch her.

“Remember, you must leave me room to breathe,” she says. So blue becomes soft and gentle.

Then yellow speaks up, “Please, let me shine out- I am getting too hot and feel all boxed in.”

“All right,” says orange, “I shall open some holes so that you may peak out.”

(Show the children how to lift the color with a clean dry brush to make the eyes, nose and mouth of a jack-o-lantern. Then fill the spaces with yellow.)

Submitted by Lyn Turner, Used with Permission


Interesting Links – They Open in a New Window, via PDF file.

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