Exclusives — 31 May 2010
Zynnia Jezek Is A Rising Star

Incredible 9-year-old Zynnia Jezek is an up-and-coming internet marketer, videographer, interview host, blogger, and young entrepreneur. Like many children her age, she is happy, friendly, and full of life. However, unlike most children, she recently impressed an audience of over 100 people at her first speaking engagement, a session on internet marketing held by the Super Women’s JV & Marketing Summit in Tampa, Florida. Educated by her mother, Kytka Jezek, founder of the Waldorf Homeschoolers Group, Zynnia amazes many adults with her ability to intelligently discuss both the principles of financial freedom and the power of internet marketing, which she believes is the entrepreneurial wave of the future.

Zynnia, along with her family, has lived in the United States and Costa Rica and speaks English, Spanish, and Czech. Her goal is to travel and see the world, and she enjoys exploring other cultures. As the youngest of the three Jezek children, you might expect Zynnia to be spoiled. Not so! She is one of the most down-to-earth young celebrities you will ever meet. No snobby diva here! She is a bright and beautiful ray of sunshine that has a kind word and encouraging smile to offer everyone she encounters, and she is honored to be following in her successful family’s footsteps. She and her sister, Zanna Jezek, offer daily bits of inspiration at their website www.SistersToSuccess.com.

One of Zynnia’s special hobbies is attending educational workshops and seminars with her family. She has benefitted from hearing such speakers as Anthony Robbins of Date With Destiny fame, and she has befriended and interviewed Gary King, author and instructor of The Power of Truth™ seminars, along with many other famous leaders and speakers.

At Zynnia’s home page, www.zynniajezek.com, you can sign up for her new video series entitled “Interview The Experts.” Along with this interesting and informative sequence of videos, you will receive Zynnia’s helpful coaching tips that will help you make better videos and host better interviews of your own. A quick YouTube search for “Zynnia Jezek” will reveal that, as the videographer, subject, and interview host of literally hundreds of videos, she is uniquely qualified to offer such advice. Rarely do you find a young talent as eager, as intellectual, as brave, or as disciplined as Zynnia Jezek.

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