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What On Earth Is NLP and How Can It Help Me?

The ultimate purpose of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to help you dissolve any inner obstacles, so that your innate greatness can freely express through you, enabling you to live a life that is greater and more wonderful than anything you have yet even imagined possible.

Hypnosis is an art and a science of creating subjective experience of reality which in turn influences objective experience of reality. It is summed up in expressions “As within, so without”, “As above, so below”.

Hypnosis is a science because it is governed by the Laws of the Mind, also called the Laws of the Spirit. These laws arise out of the principle of Oneness – The Law of One. The principle of Oneness states that:

The entire universe is mind-like in nature, created out of living, conscious, intelligent energy – everything including thoughts in your mind, cells in your body, plants, animals, weather, money, planets and galaxies. We live in this Infinite Ocean of Living Intelligent Energy and moreover – because we comprise it, we are It. Quantum physicists speak of it as quantum reality, spiritual traditions as spiritual reality (God, Tao, etc), and what you need to keep in mind is that it permeates what we call “physical reality”, too.

Everything is interconnected – and that is why you already are influencing everything – from your own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to someone else’s – regardless of whether that someone else is physically present or not. Remember? The universe in which we live is mind-like in nature. The moment you think a thought, you are exerting an influence (energy follows thought). The extent of your influence will depend upon the energy invested in the thought you think, and any other relevant thought.

Hypnosis is an art because there is infinite number of ways in which you can play with and alter subjective reality – yours, or someone else’s. The secret of successful self-hypnosis is in learning how to play the game of pretending really well. You choose what you want to experience and pretend that it is real for you now.

The truth is – you have been playing this game your entire life – perhaps unconsciously and unknowingly. To be sure, people around you helped – in different ways they influenced how you should think and act and feel – and then you continued to make your choices and created experiences that validated the perception of the world you accepted. In time you set up a feed-back loop – you think a thought, then look for something in the external world to validate it and confirm it. This in turn, reinforces the original thought, and as the same pattern repeats, you reinforce your chosen beliefs about reality. Your beliefs then influence your experience of reality automatically. If you don’t like what you are experiencing you can begin by changing your thoughts by choosing what you want to experience and taking care and control of your mind.

If you don’t care to take control of your mind, others will do their best to do it for you. It begins with your parents who most often do have your best interests at heart, though they can only teach you what they have learned. It then continues with educational institutions whose main interest is in turning you into a socially-productive individual who will pledge allegiance to and feel dependent upon the external world or rather the powers that govern the specific country.

It is not in their interest to turn you into a fearless human being who is fully aware of and capable of using his mental faculties, who knows that his thoughts create his reality, because then you cannot be controlled and manipulated. It is in their interest to keep you feeling slightly anxious, afraid, slightly inadequate, insecure, and helpless – feeling good enough to be socially productive, but not so good that you stop participating in a never-ending chain of purchasing pills and goodies that will at least for a few moments make you feel a little bit better. In this way you keep on fueling economy, which is good for the country.

That’s why, after you get sufficiently brainwashed through the schooling system, you get more helpings through daily newspapers, news and TV programs. In this way, your mind gets a new daily dose of programming with fresh disasters in the world, lest you forget that there is a possible danger lurking behind every corner. You get more helpings through flashy advertisements. They are all happily programming your subconscious mind, whether you are aware of it or not.

Companies are investing billions of dollars each year on advertising because it is a wonderful way of hypnotizing people – of influencing people’s thoughts and emotions – and it works. When you keep on flashing an idea – whether through words, pictures, music, movies or any other form – day in and day out – it becomes so familiar to the people that they accept it as their own.

You can do the same for yourself – by flashing to yourself ideas of the things you desire to experience in your life and out of the infinite ways in which you can do this here are just a few – choosing the thoughts you think, working with affirmations, using hypnosis recordings, hanging out with people who have accomplished what you desire to accomplish, choosing what you read and what you watch, choosing the songs you listen to, making treasure maps and essentially surrounding yourself with anything that helps you to keep your mind focused on your desired outcome – as if it were already a part of your life now. You are the only person responsible for your life. Let go of the past and embrace your power to create the life you’d enjoy living now.

Hypnosis Products – CDs, MP3s, Books

Hypnosis CDs are tools designed to help you access, unleash and use the Infinite Loving Power within you – in a constructive and empowering way so that you can enjoy your life and share your blessings with the world.

While hypnosis recordings generally require your active mental participation, and you should listen to them when you are in a relaxed, yet alert state of mind; you can listen to subliminal, supraliminal or supraliminal plus recordings at any time of day, even while you are engaged in other activities.

Hypnosis recordings – depending upon the issue they are designed to help you deal with – use different techniques from traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or different esoteric, alchemical and spiritual traditions.

Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus recordings use only direct suggestions – positive statements related to accomplishment of a specific goal. They are designed to deliver suggestions directly to your subconscious mind.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can download many FREE hypnosis, subliminal, supraliminal or supraliminal plus recordings in MP3 format.

I promise you will find numerous books related to hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as books related to healing, sexuality, huna shamanism, spirituality, alchemy and some basic quantum physics.

Welcome to the World of the Mind where everything you desire is just a thought away!

To your continued growth and success!

Kytka “Kit” Hilmar-Jezek

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