We Recommend — 17 July 2008
Value Based Family Enrichment Program

What every leader needs to teach,what every child needs to learn!

Dr. Denis Waitley and Dr. Maryann Rosenthal have created a masterpiece! It is without a doubt, one of the Most Comprehensive, Effective Parenting Programs Ever Created!

What are we referring to?The Seeds of Greatness -The Value-Based Family Enrichment Program for 21st Century Leaders!

Subjects Include: Your Parenting Style – Money Management for Kids – How to Master Creativity – How to say “No” – Your Children’s Learning Styles – The Power of Faith – How Your Children View You – Strength Through Adversity – How to Discover Children’s Potential – Seven Steps in Goal Setting – Four Cornerstones of Self-Esteem – Becoming a Win-Win Parent – Internal vs. External Values – Children as Win-Win Leaders – Discipline as the Success Key – Practice Makes Permanent – We Become What We Watch – Dealing with Risky Behavior – Building Healthy Habits – Problem Solving with Kids – How to Instill Self-Determination – Leading in a Blended Family – How to Delay Gratification – Parent/Child Communication – Honesty Begins at Home – Technology and Media Impacts – Effective Anger Management – How to Reduce Family Stress – Methods of Positive Motivation – How to Live the Golden Rule – and Much More!

This system is designed to reinforce the best practices of a nurturing leader that you already know and utilize. It will also give you many fresh ideas on making your home a place your kids will want to come back to, rather than get away from. This system also applies to organizations and teams, where the team members learn leadership skills from their own coaches and role models within a company or work group.

Researched and Developed by Two of America’s Most Talented and Trusted Authorities on High Performance Human Behavior and Achievement!

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