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The Wild Child – What is Civilized Behavior, What is “Normal”?

The Wild Child” was directed by Francois Truffaut and released in 1970. Based on a true story, the movie concerns Victor, l’enfant sauvage – a boy found in the wilds of France. Truffaut cast himself as Dr. Jean Itard an 18th century physician who helps “tame” and educate the boy. Initially branded an “idiot” and uneducable by local townspeople, Victor is helped immensely by Dr. Itard through his humane treatment.

The story is fascinating and quite gripping. In addition, the movie raises interesting questions regarding “civilized” behavior and ethics, as it compares Victor to various people in the town.

The film won Best Cinematography from the National Society of Film Critics for it’s Black and White imagery and beauty. Provocative, engaging, and moving, this movie is an absolute wonder – elegant, artful, with breathtaking use of Vivaldi’s music, with amazing performance form Jeanne-Pierre Cargol as a Wild Child of the title, the young boy who was found living in the forest outside a village in 1790th France. The contrast between the narrator’s passionless voice and his growing emotional attachment to the boy is heart breaking. “The Wild Child” is my favorite Truffault’s film. Why? Because I feel that this is an absolutely and concise essay on teaching and eventually giving of love…

The Wild Child

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