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The world is shifting. No longer will our world support the pursuit of money for money’s sake. We are entering a time when people are recognizing that none of us lives in isolation. This newsletter exists to show people everywhere how to step into this new world where abundance for all is the natural state of life.

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Self-Knowledge – This is the foundation of success, happiness and fulfillment in your life. Self-knowledge is not something you get and then you’re done. It’s an ongoing lifetime process of discovery. Janet and Chris Attwood have spent their entire lives focused on exploring the Self. One thing is sure: no one ever achieved any level of financial*freedom without clarity in this area. Fundamental to self knowledge is knowing your purpose in life.

Giving – Why is giving the first pillar? “When people come together with the intention of giving maximum, each receives maximum.” Have you ever bought anything unless you thought you were goinng to get at least as much value as what you paid? Of course not. You may have been disappointed after your purchase, but the reason you paid your hard earned money is because you expected to receive value. All successful people and organizations understand that long-term relationships are the basis of their success. Long term relationships only happen by continuing to give more value than is expected.

Dreams – Your dream is your “why.” It is the reason you do what you do on the road to wealth and success. If your dreams are small, your results will be small. When your dreams are big, then you soon realize you need the next pillar, “teams” to achieve your dream. Big dreams simply can’t be done alone. The clearer you are about your dreams, the sooner you will find them showing up in your life.

Teams – Financial*freedom is not a solo event. We like to say team stands for “Together Everyone Acheives Miracles.” So, how do you create a successful team? Where do you find members for your team? How do you structure your team so financial freedom is the outcome? Janet is one of the founders of “Mastermind Mentors” which has spent thousands of hours researching the secrets the greatest masters in history used to create their teams.

Mentors – They show you the shortcuts. They help you avoid the pitfalls. They give you the perspective you need to keep going when everything seems to be falling apart. They are indispensable. Sometimes they are someone you work with. Sometimes a mentor is an event that happens in your life. Sometimes they are a teacher or trainer. In all cases they are a source of knowledge, learning, and new understanding.

Alliances – Alliances are an expansion of the principle of teams. By creating alliances, you create the ability to leverage your results to create outcomes others would think are impossible. In fact, Janet and Chris have a company whose sole purpose is to create relationships (Enlightened Alliances).

Systems, Skills and Tools – This is what most people focus on. HOW do I do it? Of course, the how is important. It’s just not as important as some people think. Our friends, Mark Victor Hansen and Bob Allen say system stands for, “Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money.” And that’s what systems do. Passive Income – Our friend, T. Harv Eker, who wrote the foreward for The Passion Test, says financial*freedom is “when your passive income exceeds the cost of your desired lifestyle.” You can make all the money in the world, but if you haven’t mastered the art of creating multiple streams of passive income, you won’t be financially free.

What is the Measure of Success?

Is success only measured by whether you have financial*freedom? Of course not. Success may be measured by the quality of children you raise, or the quality of your parents’ lives as they get older, or by your position in society, or by the number of people who seek you out for help and guidance. There are many measures of success.

So, why do we put so much emphasis on being financially free? Because financial*freedom leads to all kinds of other freedoms: freedom to enjoy your family and friends, freedom to travel, freedom to be rested, fresh and fully conscious, freedom to good in the world, freedom to use your time as you choose rather than as others dictate.

See where you stand today – Take the Passion Test

We believe it is the birthright of every person on earth to enjoy financial*freedom. Wealth is not limited by anything except human creativity. We know that there is no limit to creativity, so ultimately there must be no limit to the ability to create wealth. Are you ready to enjoy finnancial*freedom? If so, you’re going to love the coming issues of “Enlightened Wealth.” Our life’s mission is to make the principles of enlightened wealth the only acceptable way of doing business or running social organizations.

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Thank you for choosing to make the principles of enlightened wealth a part of your life and your work.

We look forward to our long and fruitful association,
Chris and Janet Attwood

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