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Measure Your Vibration – An Incredible Guide to Your Energy

Awareness of a problem is 50% of its solution.

So when people aren’t aware of how they’re bringing themselves (and their “luck”) down with their emotions of shame, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, hate and scorn, maybe it’s because they simply don’t know any better.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together,” or “Like attracts like,” but who would think that emotions each have a specific vibratory level that may be drawing situations and people into our lives that we don’t REEEEALLY want?

That’s why the work of David Hawkins, MD, PhD, in his groundbreaking book POWER VS. FORCE has been such a revelation to people about how they can upgrade their lives. He points out that emotions like humiliation and guilt are at very low 20 and 30 vibrational levels on the Scale of Consciousness, and that at a vibe less than 200,their effect on any group is likely to be negative.

Conversely, someone above the 200 mark is more likely to be CONTRIBUTING to the overall energy field of a group and raising it up. Hawkins points out that the vast majority of the world’s population is well below the 200 mark. But there’s hope!

Amazingly, the few people vibrating at very high levels like the Dalai Lama (500+) are counteracting the energy of the majority vibrating below 200. Andnow the world vibrational average now is 207. Only in the last decade has it passed the 200 mark! Someone vibrating at 350 counteracts 200,000 people below 200. Someone vibrating at the level of 500 is counter acting 750,000 people below 200.

Emotions at the top of the scale are:

  • Peace/Bliss at 600
  • Joy/Serenity at 540
  • Love/Reverence at 500

Think of how you personally feel when in those exalted states! Learn enough about yourself to know how to take yourself there, often. This book literally changed my life. When you realize that we do live in a world made of energy, and we are indeed energy beings – and that our energy affects everyone and everything around us, then being more conscious with what you do WITH that energy because the utmost importance. I urge you to check out this book. I highly recommend it…

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

To your continued growth and journey!

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