We Recommend — 17 November 2010
Hug Eachother – It Will Raise Your Vibrations

Take The Time To Stop and HUG Eachother!

Most times, at least here in the U.S., when we go in for a hug we go towards the person’s right cheek. Maybe this is because most of us are right handed, but it seems to be the norm. If you do the muscle testing after this hug, you’ll find that your muscle is weaker, meaning your energy level is down. However, when we hug left cheek to left cheek instead, the muscle testing shows that we are stronger, or that our energy level is up.

Why is this? When we hug on the right side, we’re connecting liver to liver. Our liver is where we hold our anger, so we are actually sharing our anger with each other for a brief moment. That weakens our energy. On the other hand, when we hug left to left, we connect at our heart centers, where we hold our love. So for that brief moment, we are sharing our love from that place in our hearts. Try it, and see if you can feel the difference!

Watch the inspirational HUG video (above) and a great book I recommend is Hug Your People

To your continued growth and journey!

Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

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