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Harvard Study Reveals Your Child is Born a Genius

Shocking Harvard Study Reveals Your Child is Born a Genius — But Has Tragic 98% Chance to Lose It By the Age of 20!!!

Are you one of those people that see genius as a “gift”? Do you still believe that a person is either born with intelligence, or they’re not? Do you still believe in the old-fashioned myth that intelligence is inherited?

Could you be one of the parents unknowingly holding back your own child’s genius because you are stuck with this old-programming belief that genius is only exclusive to the “lucky” few?

Have you ever wondered, as have I, what makes some people able to achieve the success of their dreams and find their life purpose at such a young age? Have you always wanted to know how they did it, not so much for yourself, but even more for your children to have the life of opportunities you never had?

Well, let me tell you that it isn’t always talent, opportunity or hard work that makes the difference. Nor is it that one person harbors dreams and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in the person’s growing years and the freedom he was given to retain and maximize his natural talents, intelligence and intuition. Without this nurtured freedom, a child would otherwise be confined, only to spend a lifetime searching and struggling to regain that magic.

Trust me, I know …

If you think formal education is enough for your child, then you are one of the unfortunate millions that have been fooled. Let me just get straight to the point: Schools are extinguishing creativity.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to sound like I’m against education, because I’m not.

But there are shortcomings of the mass education system that you have to know… otherwise you too will be lulled into thinking that mass cookie-cutter school systems are enough to develop your child into a successful well-balanced adult.

I believe that humanity is at the cusp of a new era.

The Flynn effect, for one, shows that generation after generation children are getting smarter and smarter than the parents before them.

We also see, particularly over the past two decades, an influx of Indigo children being born. Indigo children, called so because of the indigo aura they are said to have, display extraordinary talents with genius capabilities across multiple fields of intelligence as well as a deep sense of empathy and intuition.

Yet today’s modern society and the cookie-cutter structure of mass education is not supporting this evolution. It sticks to teaching only “paper” intelligence… and hence the Genius Dip takes rapid effect.

Because you truly care about the most important asset of out future – our CHILDREN – I’m going to share with you the most crucial discoveries that I’ve made in my years of collected knowledge of the mind’s power and potential…

This report is UNBELIEVABLE and a MUST READ

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