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Move Over Harry Potter – This One Uses “The Secret” for Real Magic

Affirmations are thoughts. They are ideas, stories, assertions.They are a way of reprogramming your consciousness in order to change your reality. By changing the conversation that is happening in our minds, you influence the body, so your body will become a playground instead of the battleground for the wars you wage in your mind. The more frequently you do these affirmations, the more powerful they will become – they will change your every day reality.
~ Deepak Chopra

The Mastery Club by Liliane Grace is a page-turning novel about five 12 year olds who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. This award-winning book features a Foreword by The Secret teacher, Dr John Demartini, and is praised by children, teenagers, parents and teachers alike.

At the authors website, you can receive four FREE chapters of the book for you to read or listen to AND their UNIQUE mini-course the ‘UCAN! Plan’, in which the story characters present the Plan!

That’s right… Move over Harry there’s a new wizard in town and HER magic isn’t confined to the realm of fantasy.

Her name’s Nina and when she starts a new school her green hair is a beacon of light for Natalie and her friends Billy, Sandy and Clare. Nina talks and thinks differently from normal kids. She’s been home schooled most of her life by parents who are away on a spiritual quest in Nepal and have left her in the care of an oddball eccentric aunt and uncle.

As Natalie muses when she first meets them, ‘they were definitely the most unusual people I had ever met’. The same day, she is coerced by Nina to think about being ‘the creator of your life instead of a victim’.

And thus begins the first unofficial lesson of the Mastery Club, which starts to take on magical possibilities as Natalie and her apprentice magician chums enter Nina’s world of affirmations, creative visualisation, treasure mapping and universal laws.

Liliane Grace weaves the secrets of “The Secret” into a delightful and spell-binding story for young adults where the real magic is all about self-awareness and self-mastery. Powerful ideas are expressed with utter simplicity – what you think about, you bring about, the universe is like a mirror, whatever you see out there is in here and the more… loving and grateful you are the more… you attract harmonious experiences – as each member of the Mastery Club strives to ‘see the invisible, hear the silent and do the impossible’.

This story is not only fascinating, but also contains considerable wisdom, provided through an intriguing plot. A major character, called Nina, will help you to expand your thinking.

As Dr John Demartini says in in his Foreword to the book, “The plot of the grand story playfully winds and weaves your mind through the deeper questions and lessons of life in a light-hearted and inspirational manner, while making you think deeply about he elusive obvious in your life.”

Another character tells a story of being able to pursue a dream career even though it involved overcoming strong objections from her parents. “I had to push any thoughts that I might fail right out of my mind…”

Mainly directed at older children and teenagers, it carries a powerful message that will not only benefit but also entertain adult readers as well.

This book will help you to master your thinking, your feeling and your future. As well as being a great read, it would make an extremely worthwhile gift to help any young people on their way. They’ll love it!


and for the parents….

Just when you thought you knew the Secret…

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