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Edison said “Ideas Come from Outer Space” – How that Affects Your Children

If you read the blog a few days ago; Shocking Harvard Study Reveals Your Child is Born a Genius — But Has Tragic 98% Chance to Lose It By the Age of 20!!! then you are well aware of the weird drop off that happens to our children’s mental performance between 4th and 12th grades.

By high school, our kids are performing WORSE compared to other countries, not better. The very education system building our future leaders appears to actually be hurting them. This is NOT a Doomsday type thing. Here’s what it IS:

Your child is full of potential waiting to be tapped; they just need to learn how.

The secret is INTUITION.

Would Einstein have formulated the theory of relativity if it wasn’t for his creative ability to think out of the box? After all, Einstein did say “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

But where did this “creativity” or “imagination” come from that gave him ideas to change humanity?

Another genius, Edison once said “Ideas come from outer space.” And that’s exactly it.

That “hunch” comes to you from, well… outer space.

It might sound radical, but that’s what it really is about. The universe is an infinite interconnectedness just waiting for you to tap into its wealth of knowledge. And the bridge into this wealth is intuition.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how how intuition bridges the gap?

Children are naturally intuitive, but somehow this is lost by most as they grow up.

This wonderful man, Burt, came up with way to reverse this intuition-leak and I think you’re ready to see it. I also think a major part of the solution is the relationship between you and your child, but that’s only PART of the story.

Go here to get the FULL picture

To your continued growth and journey!

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