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Autumn Verses & Circle for Waldorf Homeschoolers

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Do you have any verses for Autumn?

I sure do! Here are a few of our favorite verses and even an Autumn story! Enjoy!

Autumn wind came stealing
Through the woods one day,
And creeping round the tree, he stole
Their beauty all away.
He tore their russet dresses,
Combed off their golden hair.
He blew away the tattered bits,
And left them brown and bare.

Autumn winds are sighing,

Stealing through the forest brown,
As they softly pass the tree trunks
Little leaves come falling down.
But a stronger gale is blowing
And then the leaves themselves
Rise and dance about the forest
Just like little elves.
Faster, faster see them whirling
Till the gale has passed.
One by one the tired leaflets
Sink to rest at last.

* * * * * * * *

The north wind came along one day,
So strong and full of fun;
He called the leaves down from the trees
And said, “Run children run”.
They came in read and yellow dress,
In shaded green and brown,
And all the short November day
He chased them round the town.
They ran in crowds, they ran alone,
They hid behind the trees,
The north winds laughing found them there
And called “No stopping please”
But when he saw them tired out
And huddled in a heap,
He softly said, “Goodnight my dears,
Now let us go to sleep.”

* * * * * * * *

My nice red rosy apple has a secret midst unseen;
You’d see if you could slip inside,
five rooms so neat and clean.
In each room there are hiding
two seeds so shining bright;
Asleep they are and dreaming
of a lovely warm sunlight.
And sometimes they are dreaming
of many things to be
How some day they’ll be hanging
upon a Christmas tree

* * * * * * * *

The world is full of color
‘Tis Autumn once again
And leaves of gold and crimson
Are lying in the lane
There are brown and yellow acorns
Berries and scarlet haws
Amber gorse and heather
Purple across the moors
Green apples in the orchard
Flushed by a glowing sun
Mellow pears and brambles
Where colored pheasants run

* * * * * * * *

October is a piper,
Piping down the dell
Sad sweet songs of sunshine
Summer’s last farewell,
He pipes till grey November
Comes in the mist and rain,
And then he puts his pipe away
Till Autumn comes again

* * * * * * * *

Jack O Lantern, Jack O lantern
Your light it doth shine,
Sitting up upon the window
And your light it is mine.

Once you were a yellow pumpkin
Sitting on a sturdy vine
Now you are a Jack O lantern,
And in the night you will shine.

* * * * * * * *

The Sugar Sprite

Waldorf HalloweenHalloween is just around the corner and it’s best to avoid the sugary sweets which are always a part of “modernized Halloween”. At our house, we tell this story and exchange our sweets for much better and nicer gifts:

As the weather becomes colder, the Sugar Sprite requires more sugar to keep warm than she needs in the summer months. So, on Halloween, children dress up in costumes and go to their friends’ and neighbors’ houses to collect candy for the needy sprite. Although they do sample some candy along the way while walking around in the cold night air, Sugar Sprite children place their candy at the foot of their beds (or outside the front door, etc.) before going to sleep. During the night, the friendly Sugar Sprite comes in, takes the candy and leaves a gift of thanks. The Sugar Sprite knows what all children like, but sometimes the children write letters or make pictures for the sprite about a week before Halloween so she doesn’t get confused (she has to visit a lot of children to collect enough sugar for the coming winter!)

* * * * * * * *

You may find some nice resources for seasonal activities in the books listed below:

Festivals, Family and Food
This book is a gem of information about holidays and how to celebrate them, including recipes (I baked the Autumn Nut Loaf for Thanksgiving this year) and games and songs. It’s presented in an interesting and lovely manner, and even has a Birthday Calendar in the back to keep track of family and friend’s birthdays. The author’s premise is that the more celebrations and festivals you celebrate with your family, the closer you become. I second this opinion and urge you to read this book and start celebrating!!!

A Child’s Seasonal Treasury
A must-have collection for Waldorf teachers or others already acquainted with the Rudolph Steiner philosophy of education. Jones puts together an unusual selection of songs, poems, and activities for young children, organized by season, intended for use by parents and teachers, especially those involved or interested in the Waldorf methods. The book is a treasure trove to browse!

For My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE – The Classic Early Childhood and Kindergarten Teacher’s reference books, please click here, and inquire about: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spindrift, Gateways.

Happy Autumn!

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