Festivals & Holidays — 26 January 2012
Honor Thy Father

Here are three ways to honor your father that speak to the gifts of tradition with the experience of contemporary life:

1) Honor your father’s history. What events shaped his life? Have his tell a story of his childhood, ask him to teach you his favorite childhood game or song…
2) Honor your father’s outlook. What have you learned from him?
3) Honor your father’s dreams. What of his hopes for you, whether realized yet or not?

After reflecting on these questions, tell someone you care about (a friend, your partner, your children, or even your father) what came to your mind. For those whose fathers have died, perform a ritual for remembering: Play an album or read a book that he enjoyed, look through some family photographs, give to a cause that he supported, or visit a place that he liked.

Share his memory and tell someone a story from his life.

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