Waldorf Messages — 08 November 2010
You Are Welcome – Notes on Inspiration

You wrote: “Thank you for this message. There was information in it that I wasn’t even aware that I was looking for.”

You are welcome. I have been placing the new site together and was just working on the “testimonials” page, reading all of the thank you and love letters from the past – and reading your note was very inspiring.

I poured so much into the site, way back when… and since then I have traveled a lot, experienced a lot and grown a lot. I have been acting as a coach and consultant and what you expressed is exactly what I now do…

You also wrote: “BUT – and here’s where this note is applicable to this group – this awesome post came up answering a question about lined paper. Within it I felt inspired to look within and decide just exactly what message I want to send to my son; what do I want to cultivate and what do I want to share(?) I do feel daunted by the task as I am a beginner at learning about Steiner, Waldorf etc. and I feel a little over my head, but I wills hare that I am far more comfortable admitting that I feel a little over my head than sending him some where that his entire being andessence will not be nurtured and inspired. I know that in sharing this with those in the “real world” (read: not this site) I’ll betold that I’m too sensitive, that I need to let go and I need to give myself a break so that I can learn and he can learn and we can come together. I’m not sure if I’m strong enough but I am inspired enough….”

My work and mission is to inspire people to go for it, to awaken to the inner courage to do what it takes to make their homeschooling journey a success. It is always my hope to continue to provide this inspiration and my services to all of the parents who need this little extra push…

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