Media: Television and Computers — 03 January 2012
Thoughts on Television

The reality behind television. It’s not even the programming (pun intended) – it is what it does to the human brain and brain wave activity.

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A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that children under the age of two shouldn’t be watching any television at all. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on the study. (I really do not like the way the newscaster calls children “the kid” so much – cringe, and she’s not much better with her “our kids sit in front of the TV all day long!”

36 hours a week?  Next we have Ryan who wishes to inform his audience of the negative effetcs of children watching too much tv and to enlighten his audience on the healthy substitutions that can be taken in its place.

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In summary…

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  1. Bookmarked, I love your blog! 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for this information. We are a waldorf group here in Brazil and you provided a very useful information here! Greetings to all of our friends from Brazil!

  3. It also helps to put the TV in a place where it is not the center of your daily life. To elaborate: Most people place their TV proudly on the center of the wall in their family room – where all can see it regularly. Instead, place the TV in a cabinet in the den, where it will only be seen if you expressly go to the room and open the cabinet for the purpose of watching the TV. “Out of sight, out of mind”.

  4. Hello friends in Brazil (and other parts of the world!) Yes, Annon – out of sight, out of mind is an excellent suggestion. Thank you so much for sharing it here! We removed the bed from the guest bedroom and put in a fold out couch in there instead, and placed the TV in there. It is small, not too comfortable, etc and we watched in there, rarely. The living room was always meant for living – I think sometimes people forget that.
    Thank you all, for your comments.

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