Folk & Fairy Tales — 19 February 2011
The Telling of the Tale

The adult who understands the underlying meaning of a good tale tells it, of course, differently from those who have not considered its significance. A good ‘teller of tales’ will not make the dramatic movements horrifying (as Disney loves to do) but keeps to a matter-of-fact tone voice. It is important not to arouse fear but to be engaged in understanding the fear already in the child. “This tale I am telling you”, one must seek to say, “is to show you that everyone in the world is a poor lonely child lost in a deep forest, but see! whatever we have to meet there, we can be ready for, and we will be able to deal with it!” ~ Ruth Pusch

The best and most recommended fairy tales are several select ones from the Brothers Grimm. Before the “age of reason”, higher learning was transmitted through archetypal characters in stories and in fairy tales.

In modern times, these all important stories have been relegated to a secondary position with no recognition of their deeper meaning…..

We are not human beings having spiritual experiences as much as we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are deeply connected to these stories, and they are the soul food for growing and developing children.

Free Grimm’s tales to get you started follow at the links below:

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