Spirituality — 27 June 2008
The New Children – Who Are Indigo Kids?

My spiritual path has taken me to all kinds of new ideas and spiritual experiences.

A few years ago, I was exposed to the idea of the New Earth. I began to search through the available information and realized that it can be a very confusing subject. Most have no idea what it is even about – and yet it is a profound time that affects us all, especially our children!

We are fast approaching the Technological Singularity – the point at which human intelligence will transcend the boundaries of biology. The Singularity is not a New Age Theory – it is a scientific fact that has no basis in spirituality.

Yet the Singularity has profound spiritual implications.

Even within the most conservative predictions, we are only a few decades away from the point in human history that will represent an irreversible paradigm shift. Some half-jokingly refer to this as the Rapture of The Nerds, but it is hard to dismiss the time frame that includes the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the beginning of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

This is a wonderful book put together with a bunch of different expert contributors and their leading edge opinions on the subject. This book is a big step towards clearing up much of the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the New Earth topic.

The author has been labeled as being an Indigo Child, which is one of the many different types of New Children currently on this planet. The New Children have been termed many names including indigos, crystal children, rainbow children, etc..

The term used is not important, but these children serve an important purpose.
There main purpose is to facilitate this transformation.

This New Earth Project is one of the many expressions of his sincere desire to facilitate this New Earth Transformation.

I think that this young man is representative of an advanced way of thinking among our young people. I personally have had experience with some of these young people and while they certainly do not represent the norm, they represent something very important… the future of humanity.

These young people seem to be children of the future rather than the present and this particular book presents an exploration by a young man moving in that direction.

“Now in the New Energy, however, this “synchronicity” – this continuous divine effortless flow where everything we need just appears at the appropriate time – is no longer the odd and all too brief exception, but indeed the norm. We have moved from Human Creation to Divine Creation – to an ever ongoing union with our Spirit, our True Self, who knows exactly what we need and when we need it. We have become a True Divine Creator, a Creator who doesn’t consciously need to do anything at all… not techniques, not procedures, not prayers, not rituals, not anything… because it’s ALWAYS JUST THERE!”

“The New Earth Ebook contains a collection of greatly inspiring articles about the coming ascension and the evolution of consciousness. Some of the best ones are “Divine Creation vs Human Creation” which explains why our deepest heart’s desires don’t always come true or so it seems. It goes contrary to what most of us has been taught about manifesting and creating our reality. Articles like this found in the book took my awareness to a much higher level than before. Creating reality is a whole new ball game in the New World.

It is a time where everything we desire is constantly flowing to us without the need to consciously use mental effort to create them. This is a time when God is moving more on our behalf instead of us needing to do it ourselves.

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