Waldorf Messages — 14 September 2009
Children’s Voices Shall Change the World

Do you worry about your children’s eagerness to follow the crowd rather than to stand up and lead?

Developing leadership skills early on can make the difference between a child who thoughtlessly follows crowd versus the pioneer who obeys their own moral principles and sensible convictions and builds a strong character. A good place to begin is to find role models who are making a difference and using their talent, skills and fame for change.

A necessary ingredient for teaching kids leadership skills is encourage their verbal expression, and unfortunately, some still subscribe to the parenting belief that children should be seen and not heard. (Hopefully not those at this site!)
Discard this nonsense unless you want to stunt your child’s life success.

Terrible twos becomes the terrific twos and troublesome teens become terrific teens… the shift is in how you choose to model and what you allow your child exposure to. Food for thought! 😉

Please take a moment to listen to the voice of this young angel, and his message…

Performed by Declan Galbraith

Love & Light~
Kytka “Kit” Hilmar-Jezek

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