Parenting — 11 February 2009
Subconscious Self Talk

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“Our negative self-talk does more damage to ourselves, than anything, anyone else can say about us. Our subconscious mind pays a great deal of attention to what we say and tends to accept what we say as true. If we say we can’t do something, our mind buys into that and goes on as if that were true. The reverse is also true, if we say we can do something, our mind goes on, operating as if we can do it. So be careful of what you say, your mind can and will use it against you or for you. Use assumptions to help you instead of hurting you. Most of assume the worst, when we think of a new idea for ourselves. We assume that people won’t like it, that it won’t work, it will be too expensive, and so on. Why not assume that everyone will like it, that it will work and it will come in under budget and ahead of schedule. A change to positive assumptions will give you the power to move ahead and make your ideas happen, so challenge any negative assumptions that come up and find positive assumptions to replace them.” ~Edward W. Smith

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