Parenting — 21 September 2010
Stop To Smell The Flowers

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

Nothing but Roses
The age-old advice to “stop and smell the roses” is more poignant than ever in these times of over-scheduled, task-driven lifestyles.

As adults, that could mean taking a few minutes a day to appreciate the little things that add sweetness to our lives. But for children, especially the very young, virtually *everything* is a rose!

Imagine stepping outside and witnessing a total eclipse of the sun that reveals a glorious meteor shower, accompanied by a choir of dogs howling in three-part harmony! Everything is that extraordinary to a child because s/he hasn’t been around long enough for very many things to seem “ordinary.”

So the next time you’re in a hurry and your child is “dawdling,” remember that s/he is simply smelling the roses.

Let your child inspire you to don your own “beginner’s mind” and experience the fresh uniqueness of this”ordinary” moment.

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