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Rainbow Bridge Birthday Story

Ask Kytka Archives:  August 14, 1997

There are as many versions of this classic Waldorf Birthday story as there are Waldorf teachers and children. This version of the classic story was written for our son. Please be sure to change the story to better describe your child and history!

Long ago a little angel flew from star to star gathering light and music, which came from all around him. At each star he met big angels who showed him the way. One day Big Angel said, “It is time to go to the Sun.” Little angel followed to a place of warmth shining like gold. There bees and butterflies sang to him of love. Big angel lead him to the moon, clean and crisp like new snow. From the moon he saw the most beautiful sight- a place of flowers, trees, rolling oceans, and two special souls who seemed to be smiling up at him. “May I go there?” little angel asked big angel. “It is time,” Big Angel said. “Use the gifts of light and music you have gathered to carry you over the rainbow bridge. There a mother and a father have been waiting for you.” Little angel carried his gifts over the rainbow bridge to his new home on the Earth.

(At this time Zachary walks over the silk to come sit with us)
From the first moment his parents loved him and they called him Zachary, and Zachary was his name. When he was born it was a warm summer evening and a million stars were smiling down on him from the sky. He was wearing the face of a pirate, with one eye scrunched up and a funny grimace, but he was also wearing a smile, happy that he had finally arrived on earth.

(light the first candle)
And then Zachary was one year old and everyone knew him because his mama wore him high up in their sling and everywhere she went, Zachary came right along!

(light the second candle)
When he was two years old he loved to help in the kitchen, kneading bread and making “kolaches”, sweet pastries with fruit filling. He loved pockets and pouches and filled them with the many treasures which he found.

(light the third candle)
When he was three years old he went on a grand adventure! He saw ancient ruins, high mountains, the tallest trees and the longest beaches, he spent a lot of time in the front seat of mama’s car, reading the map and seeing many beautiful and special places. He also helped out by working alongside mama at a dude ranch, that’s a place where many cowboys live. He was the smallest cowboy and he rode on the biggest horses every day with the wranglers. He lived on a ranch in the middle of a giant forest and every day he watched the bald eagle family bring food to their baby eagle.

(light the fourth candle)
When he was four years old he took a long drive to Florida, where he and mama spent much time at the beach, swimming and playing in the sand. He became a wonderful artist and began to draw pictures of all of the adventures he had! He also found Pavel, right in the backyard of his grandmother’s house and Pavel loved Zachary like a son, and Zachary loved Pavel like a father, and so it came to be.

(light the fifth candle)
When he was five years old he moved back to Redmond where summers are fun picking blueberries, black berries, strawberries and plums off our plum tree. He walked all the way along the path to although it was summer at the bottom of the mountain, there was snow at the top and Zachary made the finest snow balls! He also became a big brother because Zanna was born!

(light the sixth candle)
When he was six years old he made many new friends at Three Cedars school. He built the top of Mount Rainier where he saw King Winter! The air was so cold and crisp, and wonderful forts and tree houses, gnome hills and fairy houses. He found lots of treasures buried in the yard and did lots of wood working! He was a great helper with his new sister and he taught her many new things!

(light the seventh candle)
And now Zachary is seven years old, and like magic, in ONE day he learned to ride his bike! He has grown strong and is very smart and helpful, and a good friend. We are happy to know Zachary and to be a part of his seventh birthday.

(make a wish, blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday)

(special thanks to Michele Philhower of Three Cedars School)

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