Rhythm Of The Day — 28 January 2009
Parent In Tune With Nature

Raise kids who are WITH you, and not fighting AGAINST you.

Kids with a deep sense of self worth that frees them to do the right thing.

You only get one chance to raise your kids, so don’t leave it to chance.

When I looked at many popular and widely available parenting books I was not only unhappy with what I read but occasionally alarmed. Often the advice doesn’t comply with what I know about the nature of children and following that advice could set parents in conflict with the needs of their babies and small children.

I have long believed that fundamental human nature hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Throughout my life in order to understand the world and anticipate what people are likely to do in the future I have looked to understand what human beings have always done in the past. When I became a parent I realised that the same approach works with babies and small children – only more so. Children operate so much on instinct that their reactions are even more predictable and understandable, once you know where these instincts come from.

This insight has worked for me to end up with two confident, self assured, disciplined and happy children. It can work for you.

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