Waldorf Supplies — 31 August 2003
Meet Annette at Paper, Scissors, Stone

The mission of our company is….

To aide in the teaching of the arts of painting, drawing, handwork, and creative play by providing instruction, materials, and resources, in harmony with Waldorf education.

To provide the best possible products and services, in the most socially conscious, economical, and personal way, to teachers and parents working out of the Waldorf School philosophy and curriculum.

To encourage the flow of capital from the economic realm to the cultural realm by donating 10% of profits to the American Waldorf School movement.

To work toward the development and implementation of associative economic principles in our business practices.

I am so ENVIOUS of the education our four children are receiving in our local Waldorf School. I am envious because I long for this education for myself. I am of course grateful that I can learn with them. I have learned to watercolor paint up to the sixth grade level and I can knit as well as the most competent 4th grader! I still can’t carry a tune (although the kinderharp is helping.) I’m even over the trepidation of writing in lesson books and using colored pencils!

The more I enter into painting and wax modeling and knitting and coloring and playing music and painting walls and playing with silk–the more I understand the value of the education of my children. When I try to bring beauty and truth and reverence into our home, I give a gift, and I also receive the gift of my own education.


It’s not always easy to take up these artistic forms…it takes courage to allow myself to learn to knit or play the harp! In the past it was often hard to find the supplies I needed…silk and felt and good colored pencils, or the knowledge of where to start! I hope my experience, the experience of hundreds of teachers and parents, and the experience of our manufacturers, will help you to find the materials you need and the courage to be a kindergartner!

Blessings on the education of your child–and you! We wish for each of you that you will grow as wise as the children through this education, and we hope that we can be of service to you along the way!


Annette Park

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