Rhythm Of The Day — 29 September 2009
Nourishment for Your Child’s Heart – Help Them to Thrive!

Even the most fantastic parents can discover new ways to enhance their parenting skills.

You are reading this because you ARE a fantastic parent already, wanting to find out more, right?

Children THRIVE on a diet of routine, order and a structure they can depend upon.

Children THRIVE when they live a balanced life, with variety and interest.

Consistency and regular everyday family habits are not ‘boring’, infact children feel a strong sense of security and permanence they can rely on.

They then have the emotional freedom and confidence to explore their world and discover for themselves.

Rhythm, Routine, Harmony…

The Important Lesson here is to create stability and balance.

We all have a need for a big part of ‘our world’ to feel like a safe place.

At the extreme, when life becomes chaotic or there is confusion and turmoil we flounder. Remember how you felt when 9/11 occurred. No matter where we lived, part of each of us shrank into ourselves a little. We didn’t feel so confident, we didn’t feel so safe, we didn’t feel…..

When a child can rely on certain things to remain constant, and when she is provided with a good balance in her family environment, she feels secure, she learns trust, she learns to be reliable; she learns inner discipline and much more.

This strong sense of security ‘frees’ her to approach her world with confidence and a positive outlook.This sounds like serious stuff, and it is. But it is in the simple things that we can create all this for our kids. You do it already of course, but some ideas will help to focus on bringing more.

Obviously some families can have TOO much routine.

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