Waldorf Messages — 08 December 2008
Leap, The Movie
From the Creators: After 2 years of following our inspiration, Leap! launches tonight. Chad and I began this guided journey over two years ago and this evening, we’ll see the fruits of our nature. Leap! is not another “woo woo, we’re all one” production.This movie is non duality for the Pepsi Generation. Throughout history, interpretations have needed to be updated as new generations arrived. Leap! is not a movie about a lost secret or hidden tool. It’s a contemporary look at the oldest idea in the human consciousness. Leap! takes you back to the origin of your true nature and creates a gateway for you to begin the longest journey back to a place you never left.
“It was never about making a movie, but about documenting our discovery of the nature of this thing called “reality.” We realized that when we wake up to who we truly are, it’s a very freeing and empowering experience, and we wanted to share that. We encourage you to follow your inspiration in every area of your life!”

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