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Idea to Build Passion and Enthusiasm in Children

Idea to Build Passion and Enthusiasm

Continuously supporting your child, and helping her with her current interest is certainly the way to go. When you nurture her natural talents and the things she is most interested in she becomes even more eager to pursue them. Your interest makes her even more passionate and enthusiastic.

Let’s take the example of choosing to plan for and go to an event about something she is interested in. It could be a ball game, a theatre show, an exhibition at the museum; there is always something you can find. I’ll bet that she will know what’s on that she would love to do. It can go something like this:

“I know you love horses, I wondered if you would like to do something special about horses in the next few weeks. Got any ideas? We can plan it together. There’s that movie, or the gymkhana next month, and I read about the dressage competition. What do you think? = Wow, even though Dad doesn’t LOVE horses, he loves me enough to take me = I am so excited = I can go and read all about it now

When she has chosen, you can make plans together. “Let’s make a poster about our plan” (this is in effect a Vision Board on that topic). Search for pictures and brochures about the event in magazines and on the internet. Even visit to the library to learn more about it. = Dad and I are learning about this together = I love working with Dad = I am really eager to learn more about this

Put some words and wishes on the poster as well, and pin it up in her room. Each night before bed look at her poster together and talk about the ‘big day’, and what you both expect to happen. “What will it be like?” “What are you looking forward to the most?” “What is the most exciting thing about it?” = I can’t wait = I am expecting it to be terrific = I am really enthusiastic

Ask her questions about her topic in the areas that she is learning more, and some areas that she could learn more about, to encourage further interest. = Dad wants to know more about this = I want to know more about this too = I am really enthusiastic to know more and share with Dad
At the event you could take photos, save your tickets, collect brochures etc, and later make a book about it all together = Being interested is great fun = I want to find out more abut things I am interested in

You get the idea. Really, the big part of this is that YOU are interested enough in her in the first place – to take an interest in her hobby.

Children who have an interest which comes from inside them are not bored; they have an excitement that adds vitality to their lives. When she is absorbed in doing the thing she loves most, she is happy. Your child is even happier when you take a great interest in her interest too.

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