Parenting — 09 November 2008
Have Some Fun Today

You are here to transmute the business of life. You are here to raise the vibration of everything in the world. You are here to raise the consciousness of the world. You are to make this a world of joy. As you may already give joy to your children, have fun with them, hold them high in your arms, look in their eyes, adore their Beingness, so are you to hold the world up and give it delight.

To you who may complain how the world treats you, I ask you to be benevolent to the world. Reasons to be disillusioned with the world abound. All the more reason for you to raise the world a note. If not the world, then your world, your world of home and work. Can you not make it a delight for all others in your world to feel joy? Whether it be your wife or the checkout girl at the supermarket, can you not raise their spirits?

Instead of waiting for the world to suit you, why not suit those around you?

If you are feeling glum, all the more reason for you to lighten up.

Have it in mind that the world is to enjoy. When it is not, it is for you to tickle it under the chin. You have a choice to continue glumness, or to exchange it for some joy, even when the joy is someone else’s. That is the least you can do.

Glumness is not something you have to keep beside you. You don’t have to wait for it to decide to go away on its own. You can turn away from it. You can abandon it before it abandons you. A down in the mouth mood does not have to linger. You can give it a push out the door. You must, beloveds. A sour mood is not to supersede a wakeful mood. Be lively. Forget your mood. Uplift someone. You are not the only one who needs to be uplifted.

Transmute the business of life into fun. Be fun. Let it be that everyone looks forward to your arrival. Let it be that everyone can’t wait until you arrive because, even if they don’t know how you do it, you raise their spirits. You don’t have to be a comic. You just need to bring a little joy, a little straightening-up of shoulders. You are not a pretender to the throne of joy. You are the one who carves it in your daily life.

Perhaps you were never told to go out into the world and have fun. Perhaps you were told to always be serious. Perhaps, like The Three Little Pigs, you set out to make your fortune in the world. By all means, circumvent the wicked wolf. The wicked wolf is joylessness, beloveds.

Go out into the world to seek joy and to deliver it. You are the one to put a lightness into your step. You are the one to give happiness on your way. Did anyone ever tell you that? Did anyone ever tell you to take delight in life? Perhaps the world has taught you to be serious, very serious. Now I tell you to be lighthearted. What does the world offer you that you would give up joy for? While you are at it, why not joy?

No matter whom you are with, no matter what you are doing, take joy. And if you cannot take joy, then make joy. Enjoy anyway. What’s the use of anything without joy?

King Midas counted his gold when he could have counted joy.

Be a happy person today. Get to know yourself as one who leaves joy in his wake wherever he goes.

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