Parenting — 21 October 2009
Family Value Activity for Parents & Children

Making a Values Poster for you all can be fun.

One day at the dinner table, tell her you have been thinking about putting it all together, and would she like to help. = Dad thinks I am important and my thoughts are worthwhile = I am worthwhile = all people are worthwhile

Grab a piece of paper and start to talk about things “we all believe in, in our family” = I know some good things we believe in = I know what is right and wrong = I know where I stand

Shop together for a poster sized card.

Cut pictures from magazines, or search on the internet for pictures to download.

Take a family photo.

Work together to create your Family Values Poster: glue your family photo in the center, and arrange your other pictures around it.

Print words or phrases on the computer, or write with a felt pen on your poster, as many of your values as you like, and add these to your poster = I know these things for sure = I have a benchmark for my behaviour = I live my life like this

Pin your Family Values Poster somewhere where you will all see it often. From time to time, you can talk about it – say at the dinner table.When you establish boundaries and stick to them you provide your child with a yardstick by which to measure herself.

A child who knows where she stands and has a clear understanding of what is right and wrong is a happy one.

In Go for Your Goals – for Kids, when you are working with your child to help her with her wishes and goals, you have a wonderful opportunity to share with her and to help her to think about what is important to her.

The higher the value she places on something, the more important it is that she achieves it.

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