Spirituality — 03 November 2009
Another View of Kids Unable to Sit Still

Do you ever wonder why kids often don’t sit still for parents…. but then sit still for hours in front of the Tube watching cartoons?

I find this funny. Why? We often forget how to connect with children.

We think our “powerful” statements are all the reason they need to sit still, finish their dinner, or go to sleep, etc…. and then we’re perplexed when it doesn’t work.

Back to the TV – where they can sit still for what seems like forever.

Why do these cartoons appeal to them? Music, colorful artwork, singing… all these appeal to their creative side and encourage self-exploration. So that got me thinking… are there other ways that children show extraordinary concentration, skill, or connection with others?

It turns out there are…

Indigo children are the future leaders of a new humanity.

Some of you may have already heard extraordinary stories about Indigo children. Some of you may even be a parent to an Indigo children. As you probably already know, these children are called “indigo” because of the indigo aura they have around them. These special children arrive with a deep spiritual awareness and a resistance to present-day structures.

I, for one, am certain that these children will lead humanity towards a new civilization structure that acts upon empathy and embraces spiritual awareness. Since the 1990s, there has been a steady increase of children born as Indigos. In fact, 95% of children born towards the close of the twentieth century are Indigos.

To me, this is an indication that the time has come. A time of evolution. A time of purpose.

A time to change the world.

Watch this video of these fascinating Indigo children. They are truly special.
There’s a lot of controversy around this video, which explores Indigo Children – who have a deeper and broader understanding of Human experience than most of us. Some people are scared, others are skeptical… and others think it proves how powerful, intuitive, and creative we all CAN be if we find it within ourselves.

I. of course, have my own opinions, which you can learn about if youclick here.

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