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This site is about a whole lot more than just homeschooling or Waldorf principles.  The founder (that would be me) has been involved in all forms of alternative education and natural parenting for over 20 years as well as a serious spiritual and personal growth journey that spanned 3 continents. All of this is where the writing and wisdom and writings from Waldorf Homeschoolers is born.

We are an entrepreneurial family who maintains over 125 websites combined and we all have a love of learning and that is pretty much what we do every day. Learn, explore and walk the world in wonder, with reverence and a deep sense of gratitude. The projects we do are all in the realm of mixed media (art, books, ebooks, courses, websites, blogs, membership sites, social media communities, forums, internet marketing, etc) and we love everything we do because it expands our horizons and allows us the opportunity to travel and meet thought leaders and game changers from all walks of life and all corners of this beautiful planet we call our home.

Below all of this is a short video of some thoughts on parenting which you likely saw when you opt-ed into the mailing list which also mentioned this:

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Now for that video I promised!

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