The Spoofing or Forging Of Our Email Address

Some spammers launch e-mail campaigns that look like messages sent by WaldorfHomeschoolers. We, as well as other respected businesses, are the victims of spammers who are forging/faking/spoofing our e-mail addresses. It is totally beyond our control, and we regret very much that we cannot stop it. We have nothing to do with such spam, which is a misrepresentation of our good name. We do not send, and have never sent, spam e-mail of any sort. In fact, we strongly oppose the act of “spamming” or sending unsolicited commercial e-mail. If you have received such spam e-mail we are sorry, but emphasize that it has nothing to do with us and is beyond our control.

What is E-mail Spoofing? (Faking or Forging)

“E-mail Spoofing” is the latest nasty trend in spam. It is the practice used by many spammers to falsify the header information in their e-mail advertisements. By changing the header information someone can make the e-mail appear to come from whomever they choose. Hackers are now routinely stealing the e-mail or website identities of many people, and using them to send millions of pieces of junk advertising and offending e-mails. The average person on the Internet doesn’t yet understand what’s happening here, and many legitimate companies are obviously being victimized.