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A Birthday Party with Meaning!
We had a wonderful party for Zachary. He turned seven years old and following a good rule, we allowed only one child per year of age, so it was a small and intimate affair. Knowing that Waldorf… [more]

Temper, Temper, Temperament!
It has happened to all of us at one time or another, our child does “one of those things” that absolutely drives us crazy and we wonder WHY? Perhaps it was to stand at the head of the class… [more]

But What is Really Wrong With Watching TV?
As much as home videos can be fun, as much as National Geographic can be educational, as much as the Discovery channel can count as a “lesson”, it is not what is ON the television but rather the act… [more]

Waldorf View: What is the Nine Year Change?
The Ninth Year is a critical turning point in the development of the child. Wonderful and great changes begin to occur at around the age of nine. A child begins to withdraw within to an extent, and I… [more]

My Toddler is a Bully!
Am I expecting too much from her? Should I cut back on the amount of time we spend “socializing”? Is this just a phase? I heard these questions and saw this happen over and over and over again when I… [more]

The Importance of Play
Watching my son turn a tree branch into a sword, an oar, a bridge, and a magic wand within minutes was the inspiration that led to my experiment. When a child’s imagination can transform a few simple… [more]

Waldorf View:
I would have to assume that you are referring to a younger child writing, correct? In looking at this from that standpoint you need to go back to Steiner’s beliefs and views about form drawing. Form… [more]

How Do I Find A Community of Other Waldorf Homeschoolers?
The key is, I think, COMMUNITY. Finding like-minded people but not necessarily focusing on “Waldorf” people… There are lots of ways to meet with like-minded folks. As has been the subject of… [more]


Kytka Himar-Jezek, Ph.D., is a writer, Certified Childbirth Educator, Labor Assistant, Doctor of Naturopathy, Minister, Soul Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach and most importantly, a mother. She is the publisher of several family & parenting websites, two books and a regular weekly column. Reprinted with permission, this originally appeared in the “Ask Kytka” column at W.I.S.H.

Mission Statement:

Teaching those around her to build a better ‘self’ through awareness of the power of possibility, Kytka ‘Kit’ Hilmar-Jezek uses her personal life experiences to foster paradigm shifts in the lives of those around her. Kytka makes the mentality of abundance a reachable goal by using her skills in marketing, event planning and coaching to maximize the relational, parenting and manifestation areas of each person’s life.